Meet Our Talented Team

Mr. Bikash Chandra Bag

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Bikash is one of the Co-Founders of Ambrino Technology.BTECH from WBUTECH. Hi is very cool minded person and he is very passionate about eCommerce site development. He has more than 8 years of industry experience.He is very good teacher and trainer for fresher and Motivate a fresher to do a great job.

Bikash like to spend most of the time with photography. He likes to frame his daughter's every moment.

Mr. Rajib Mukherjee

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Rajib is one of the Co-Founders of Ambrino Technology. BTECH from WBUTECH. He has strong experience on Website and Mobile App Development. With over 7 years of industry experience. Rajib closely handle his team with friendly atmosphere.

Outside of work,Rajib hangs with his family, taking pictures and watching TV reality shows. Rajib like riding his Royal Enfield Bike with his daughter.

Mrs. Nandini Roy Chowdhuri

Chief Operation Officer

Nandini takes care of our entire in-house operational system. Her job is to plan and formulate company policies and execute them across the organization. She also plays a significant role in long-term planning and effective communication with other vendors so that we can run AMBRINO smoothly.

Nandini has a cute daughter who is 3 years old; after office, Nandini spends most of her time playing with her daughter.

Josh Cornia

International Sales Manager

Josh is the "Quintessential Connector" with a proven track record for increasing company profits by establishing relationships with key-decision makers and solving digital brand concerns. He loves building client relationships that lead to new business. Josh is passionate about creating environments for long-term growth and success.

When not networking, he can be found spending time with family, volunteering in the community, watching a super hero movie or cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles!

Mr. Ankur Das

Web Designing Extraordinaire

Ankur is a skilful website designer and an awesome combination of knowledge, responsibilities and passion for designing. He is a “Digital Plastic Surgeon” for your brand.

Not kidding… we call him Dr.Ankur Das. (Contact us for an appointment with him)

Mr. Tuhin Koley

Web Designing Superhero

Tuhin is a web designer and graphic artist with more than 4 years of experience in this industry. He is very knowledgeable in Semantic HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive design, UI / UX. He has a commanding skill of integrating, Drupal, MS Visual studio, Ruby on Rails. Tuhin is obsessed with two things – First: An easy to navigate website design and Second: Time management.

While not sitting in front his computer desk you will find him checking his wrist watch and evaluating your working speed (You better work fast!).

Mr. Hridoy Mukhopadhyay

Graphic Braveheart Designer

The meaning of his name is “HEART”; so, undoubtedly he is the heart of our core designing team.Hridoy puts heart and soul in creating professional and conceptual thinking for multimedia designing with the help of his 11 years of experience in Photoshop CC, Adobe illustrator CC, Acrobat Professional CS6.

Hridoy is a soft-spoken guy and fond of classical music.

Mr. Rajesh Panda

Graphic Awesome Designer

Rajesh is an extremely talented creative graphic designer who thinks out of the box for better creative solutions for the projects in hand. He has 5 years of experience and an asset for AMBRINO team. Presently he deals with corporate branding, collateral, corporate identity, collaboration with photographers, product marketing managers and printing editors. He has in-depth knowledge and experience with Adobe illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, Acrobat Professional CS6.

Outside of work, Rajesh hangs out with his friends and love to watch sci-fi movies and read fictional books. If you want to know anything about Star-wars then he is THE MAN!

Mr. Souvik Daw

Ambitious Logo Designer

Souvik is a passionate designer and an open minded human being. He graduated from Calcutta University and has 4 years of experience behind him. He is very detail oriented individual andhas a great smile (“The Most Beautiful” – according to his girlfriend – LoL!). He loves to play with Adobe, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Linux graphic software etc.

When he is not working for AMBRINO you will find Souvik watching discovery channel or animal planet and spending quality time with the people who matters the most in his life.