Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is the way an organization or firm decides to present itself in front of its target audience, investors or its own employees. Many people have a misunderstanding that corporate identityand logo is same thing; but actually a corporate’s logo is one of the aspects of its total corporate identity designing campaign.

Asa business owner you need to understand that there is a difference between corporate identity and brand. In a simple way, brand is the idea or feeling about the product or service that consumers have when they see the logo, visiting card, brochure or slogan of that specific business entity.In other words good “brand image” entirely depends on a creative corporate identity designing campaign.

Designing corporate identity is the first step for every business entity as it influences the entire brand ecosystem for that business. So, one can say that designing identity for your business is essential for long term corporate branding strategies.

At Ambrino technology we understand the importance of long term corporate branding strategies for a business entity and that is why we provide a comprehensive business identity solution to our esteemed customers all over the world.

We provide following corporate identity solutions: